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Hosted by John Pica and Bryan Berner, Renegade Radio is a morning show with comedic takes on local and national news.

Renegade Radio is not your typical radio show. If you’re looking for factual news, I’d say go elsewhere. If you’re looking to laugh and get mildly informed stay tuned. Renegade is a lil’ news, a lil’ storytelling and tons of sarcasm. Renegade Radio will give you the “every man” point of view. Speaking about topics that affect us all to some that affect no one, they don’t talk AT you, they talk TO you. Join them today and every weekday from 6–10 AM right here on 1510 WMEX. If you’re not in our listening area you can listen online at or by using you’re tune in radio app (1510wmex).

John Pica – Renegade Radio

Syndicated action sports radio host with 20 years in the radio business John Pica is a veteran who has worked at many radio stations all over the dial. From easy listening, to hip hop, to rock, to sports talk, and now straight talk, John has been at every format imaginable.  If he’s bringing Naughty By Nature on stage at a concert in Providence or Interviewing Floyd Mayweather at the fights in Las Vegas, he will claim to be the best at all of it… just ask him! He now resides at the historic radio station, WMEX where he hosts the morning show “Renegade Radio” m-f 6am-10am. Renegade Radio is a show that covers any and all topics with a comedic angle. If you were an O&A fan from back in the day as John was then you will love Renegade Radio… if not, he’ll tell you to hit the bricks. When not doing Renegade Radio you can listen to John host Holeshot Radio which is a syndicated radio show dedicated to the sport of motocross.

Face Book: Holeshot John
Twitter: @Jpica3
Instagram: HoleshotRadio

Bryan Berner – Renegade Radio

Bryan is a standup comedian and syndicated radio host. Bryan started his stand up career doing the NJ/NY comedy circuit.  Bryan started out by being a guest on and then co-hosting on a few different radio comedy shows until he created CFR (whose name could not be spelt out here) which started out on the Opie and Anthony affiliated website Cringe Humor. CFR created a large and loyal following of people and was then syndicated to terrestrial radio in DC, ME, NJ, NY and MA.

Bryan now co-hosts Renegade Radio heard from 6 am to 10 am Mon–Fri on the iconic Boston station 1510 WMEX.

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PicaLife – Blogs vs. Vlogs

The battle royale is on… BLOG vs VLOG. It’s a phrase that just a few years ago would of seemed silly, now not only entertaining but genius. When you sit down at your home computer at the end of a long day at work, what’s the first thing you think of news, sports, shopping, gaming, movies etc.? The bottom line is we all want to be entertained so no matter what you are doing on your computer that’s the goal. For many, turning their entertainment time in front of a computer into a money maker is one of the most genius thing ever.
In the early days of the “just the average Joe building a website” internet BLOGS were born. At first they seemed like a joke but now, brilliant. From Joe blogger in the early days, to Barstool Sports now this is a legit business. Who knew that just writing stories about your own personal life who generate an income? These people did. Put it this way, if you think it’s dumb for somebody to sit on their computer and just write nonsense about random things all day think again. Barstool Sports just got sold a few months back and the value of their blog site was $30,000,000.00! Not bad for nonsense right? Now lets look at VLOGS. Think back in the day when camcorders first came out and every family looked like a TV crew doing a shoot in Disney Land. Brutal. Looking back at those old apple picking days when my father just had to make us look like that film crew for some reason. But imagine all those crap videos posted online? Nobody would watch outside the family right? Wrong! Hello Vloggers. These new breed of entrepreneurs have figured out a way to post on YouTube their family videos but for some reason make them way more interesting than our vlogs aka home videos. With crazy content and entertaining shots these vloggers have figured out a way to bring in the big bucks just like their mentors… the Bloggers. Imagine posting a less than 10 minute video and making it entertaining enough to turn that into millions? Yes 10 minute videos for $millions$. Casey Neistat or Roman Atwood may not seem like house hold names to you but ask your kids or grand kids who they are and they will for sure know. Casey has a daily vlog that is always under 10 minutes with great content and editing almost making it seem like a real movie. Chances are, even if you don’t know who Casey is you’ve already watched him. Remember last winter and NYC got hit with a huge snow storm and they basically shut the city down? Remember that video that surfaced with this guy who tied a rope to a Jeep and had his buddy pull him like he was water skiing through TIMES SQUARE? That was Casey, that “stupid” video made him millions and his vlog channel brings him lots of dough. His net worth… $2million! Not a bad living for a guy that just makes those same home videos that my dad used to make. BTW he’s 35 years old. Another successful guy is Roman Atwood! This guy is one of the biggest vloggers in the world with a networth $3.5million! How do they do it? Vlogs are stupid right?
This is where I get to the Battle Royale part. Ive done blogs before but recently I vlogged for the first time. I figure the quickest path to success with either blogging or vlogging has to be the video part right? Maybe it’s the narcissist in me but I think people would love to watch my “home videos” I mean, Vlogs. They, who ever “they” are say vlogging is a quicker way of the two to have the chance to earn revenue. Sign me up! How it works is that when you post a video on YouTube and that video reaches a certain number of views you get a nice check in the mail for your troubles. Again, sign me up! Hello PicaLife! Yes, that’s the name of my new YouTube channel where I am destine (as my first video is titled) to be a YouTube sensation! So far there are 100 views on my first video, a far cry from my goal of 1 million views so I can make some money on this thing. You have to start somewhere right!
So the new era of debates will roll on Blogs vs Vlogs… which one would you try?

Check out my YouTube page here to watch me become a sensation right before your eyes! Help a brotha out and subscribe! PicaLife

Don’t forget to listen to Renegade Radio M-F 6am-10am right here on 1510WMEX

Let’s talk

By Bryan Berner

Let’s talk.

I want you to do me a favor. it won’t take long and I NO I DON’T want to borrow any money, but if you’re offering,,,,. we’ll talk later.
Take a step back from your day to day life with me for just a second, don’t worry about the bills or what you’re going to eat tonight, if the girlfriend is mad at you or what time the game is on.
Lets take a better look at what’s really going on in this country right now, Now I know, I know what you’re thinking, uhhhh politics “It’s soooooo boring” or ” What can I do?” the old  “It is what it is” or  “It scares me to think of it” read more…

Protesters are silly…

Protesters are silly.

The old saying “time flies…” really has a lot of meaning the older we get. More grey stubble on the beard, throwing your back out when you put your shoes on, getting to bed by 9pm because 10:00 is SO late… you get what I’m saying. Time really does go by so quickly because not that long ago 10:00 was the time to go out, 40 was considered really old and 6 pack abs were there no matter how much you ate.

Since I just had another birthday zip on by it makes me think a lot about time and how valuable it really is. This is why, for the life of me I will never understand protesters. Don’t you have better things to do like, I don’t know, work? With the race for the next president going on right now we see a lot of protesters some partially sane people and others, complete nut bags. I don’t get any of them. I’m all for standing up for what you believe in but there is a line and oh yea, dignity. Don’t people have dignity or even pride anymore? Not that long ago on Renegade Radio we got in a twitter war with these wack job circumcision people. Now I get it, some have their beliefs on this and other people think differently but who cares in the long run? To protest one way or the other is silly, stupid and a huge waste of time. Wouldn’t you rather relax, have a beer and enjoy time with friends and family? I mean how much of a zilch would you sound like when you are at the bar with some friends talking about your day and you say, “So yea, Jimmy, when I was out protesting circumcisions today…” pathetic.

The latest batch of wack-job protesters comes from the Cincinnati Zoo. We all know the story now of when the massive gorilla, Harambe dragged the 4 year old little boy. The little boy is lucky to be alive, while Harambe, not so much. As much as it sucks, zoo officials did the right thing by taking down the 17 year old gorilla. Realize this silverback gorilla can squeeze a coconut with his hand like we would a marshmallow. They had to put him down; tranquilizers would take to long to have enough of an impact so the only solution was to kill him, unfortunately. I mean seriously, what’s more important a human life or a gorilla? Don’t get me wrong if this was some random idiot adult hopping a fence to go play with these massive animals, don’t kill them, let the gorilla and the human duke it out fair and square (my money is on the gorilla). So I don’t have problem with the officials killing the gorilla here, my problem is with the protesters who have had a vigil at the zoo since. They’re holding up signs “Gorillas have feelings too”, “Harambe, a gentle giant”, and my favorite… “His life mattered”. Are you kidding me? These people have been standing out there for hours and hours with these stupid signs like a bunch of morons. Instead of taking their time on Memorial Day to honor our fallen men and women who have served our great country, they are protesting at this zoo trying to “stand up to the man”… losers. I’d like to see if their son or daughter was in that gorilla enclosure if they’d be still protesting. Better yet, lets toss all those protesters that are at the zoo in the gorilla pit and see if they change their tone. Can you imagine the backlash if they didn’t kill the gorilla and the boy ended up getting mauled?

So if you ever want to protest something, don’t bother, you look silly. Take a step back, be thankful for what you have, realize we live in the greatest country in the world, thank a veteran, and hug your kids, that my friends is making better use of your time. Time flies.

John Pica @jpica3

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